for women only

a special place for women

A door has opened and you are stepping across the threshold into a room in which deep sharing, intense listening and shared compassion is commonplace. A place where you feel accepted, understood and not alone. In this room you hear yourself, recognizing the sound of your voice and the feel of your heart, and you say to yourself, “Welcome home my dear”.

The women that walk through my door want to feel at home in their skin. Somewhere along the way something has been lost. They are confused by the many roles they play, overwhelmed by what is expected and often unable to say NO to these expectations. Symptoms may appear as feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness or feeling numb, nothing at all.

As women we are multifaceted with subtle nuances. We are intricate, complicated and strong. We are the keepers of relationship, receptive by nature, and give birth through our creative expression. We multi task easily, process circularly versus linearly, and thrive when well loved.

As a therapist that has specialized in working with women for 29 years, I invite you to step across the threshold. To begin the process of unearthing all that burdens you, that keeps you from your best self. I will support you to find your voice, remember your worth and activate our life. I love working with women and would be honored to share your journey.