financial wellness coaching

Do you make enough money but never feel you have enough money?Are you afraid to look at your finances?

Do you panic when an unexpected bill occurs?

Is your savings non existent? If you have answered YES and want to make a change…keep reading!

Financial Wellness is a detailed program that supports emotional ease and financial abundance. It is an opportunity to examine specific learned behaviors and the bad habits that undermine your financial security, as well as an actual budget system that teaches and supports your financial wellness.

I developed this program at a time I was afraid I could’t support myself and my kids. Improving my relationship with money while implementing an inspired budget system I was able to progress from just enough to plenty. Read more of my story.

Working together we will look, in depth, at your relationship with money. As a culture we are ambivalent in our feelings about money. We covet it. We are ashamed by it. We judge others for their abundance or lack of it. We judge ourselves. Our self-worth is often directly related to the amount in our check books.

Getting to know your specific ways of relating to money, how you think about it, feel about it and treat it, will support you in your ability to better your relationship with it. Improving your relationship with money works wonders in your ability to have more of it.

Next I will teach you the Best Money Management System in the World, a budget system that thinks ahead so there is money there when you need it. As you practice BMMSW each month you will begin to experience more ease in your spending as a result of more money in your bank account.

Obviously this isn’t magic. 2+2 must still equal 4, but attending to your budget using this system while improving your relationship with money will dramatically reduce your anxiety and increase your bottom line.

I can teach this system to you.

I can teach you simple ways to make your money work for you.

I can help you feel financially safe. Ultimately, a very good way to feel.

For a free 20 minute phone consultation to determine whether this program is right for you, please call me. I would love to help you have financial wellness in your life too.

Financial Wellness Coaching sessions rates are $100.00 per hour. In most cases we will need to meet for 3-4 hours to complete the program. These are scheduled in 1 to 1 ½ hour meetings.

I look forward to working with you!